Feeder @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 28/10/10

Should have really written about this ages ago when the gig was still fresh in my memory, but hey-ho. Just didn’t feel like it for ages and now the sands of time have trickled most of what I might have said out of my head.

First up, the support band that I remember that Grant did not remember the name of to say thank you too (oops). Morning Parade. They were cool. Liked them. Will totally investigate any singles/albums that I can nab.

Feeder? Feeder were ace. Still freaked out a bit about Karl Brazil looking so much like my late dad. It’s weird, really weird, but didn’t detract from the ACENESS of Feeder.

Incidentally, the last time I saw Feeder live before I saw them at the beginning of the year? Was when Jon was still alive, at Reading Festival and with my dad. Who was obviously still alive then.

Anyway, they played one of my all time favourite Feeder songs “My Perfect Day” and, as I expected, a great deal of new songs – mostly Renegades stuff, with a bit of the more recent albums thrown in. I’m liking the return to a slightly heavier sound a lot.

Still love Grant and Taka. They’re the best. Will probably like Karl better when he stops freaking me out with his face. Not his fault though.

Feeder Setlist Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England 2010, Renegades Tour

Author: Rachel

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