There is no map and a compass wouldn’t help at all

Disappointing to discover that when we’re travelling to the literally other side of the planet, one of my uncles will only see us in an airport in an adjacent country to the one we are going to.


No point leaving the airport to spend any time there, he’s worried that we would want to stay in his house and like, I get that he is concerned about Covid (particularly while travelling) but we have never been welcome in his house and he’s over eighty so why would we even suggest that we would stay in his house? Get in another plane, after having flown thousands of miles already, to just visit the airport of another country and then immediately turn back and get on another plane to go back to the country we initially flew to.

Apparently we can “see him on Zoom” – we will not being seeing him on Zoom because we don’t see him on Zoom now, while we are on the other side of the planet so I can’t see that it’ll happen if we are 200 miles away instead of nearly 7,000 miles away.

Turns out 2011 will have been the last time we ever saw each other, which is particularly sad for my Mum who is his sister whereas I’m just a niece. We didn’t see him the last time we were there as he had some issue with tax in the country we were going to (which was also kind of a weird excuse – the reunion had been planned for some time and it’s not like he doesn’t have his own property in that country to live in anyway).

Author: Rachel

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