Much Ado About Nothing 23/07/11

So as part of my Mum’s ongoing birthday presents (started with a netbook before her birthday and shoes ON her birthday)…and because I wanted to see it anyway, we went to see Much Ado About Nothing. I don’t think I’ve laughed at a play so much in my life before. David Tennant and Catherine Tate, as Benedick and Beatrice, have the best comic timing ever and Don Pedro… Don Pedro was aces. And Claudio! And Don John! And Dogberry.

It was aces all round.

Anyway. So. We’re sitting there. Watching. Laughing. About 20-25 minutes in I feel my Mum look at me and think (yeah, it’s a thing. It’s like when I know she’s giggling like a madwoman during Mass). A moment goes past, where she decides, yeah, she’s going to ask me.

“Is that Doctor Who?”

Author: Rachel

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3 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing 23/07/11”

  1. Love it. That made me laugh!

    Btw I was told by your blog that my name, Jo, is too short.

    1. Odd. I…shall figure out if it's wordpress or intensedebate that has the issue. Or if everyone just has to stick "Woog" in as part of their name…

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