In The Mood For Love/Scott Pilgrim @ Somerset House

In a giiiiant fit of awful planning, I got tickets for two nights in a row at Somerset House. Next time…I’ll probably not do that and avoid being hideously tired after.

I saw 2046, the sort of sequel to In The Mood For Love, back when it came out at the cinema in a spur of the moment double bill along with Hero. I remember it involved a mad dash from one screen to the next with my friend Corinne. 2046 makes a lot more sense now after seeing In The Mood For Love.

I <3 how you never see Mr Chan’s face and you never see Mr Chow’s wife’s face either. Totally works the whole absent spouse thing. The out of sequence bits worked really well too. Not sure it’s a film you can really talk about, you just experience it.

Scott Pilgrim, the next night, was aces. I <3 Scott Pilgrim…though I don’t really like Scott as a character. He’s kind of weaksauce.  It’s the rest of the characters that really make the film for me.

Annnd before each film, I went to the Behind the Screen talks. Which were pretty good. Although the 2nd was a tad hilarious since I realised I was probably in a room full of people who work on computer games or films and there I am… the legal cashier who’s technically a software engineer. Oops.

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5 thoughts on “In The Mood For Love/Scott Pilgrim @ Somerset House”

  1. Depending on if you mean "Scott isn't an interesting character" or "I don't like Scott", I think that you really aren't supposed to like Scott. Certainly the books leave you with no delusions on this, Scott is a jerk and needs to be slapped around to be forged into a likeable person.

    If you don't like him as a construct though, well, to each their own. Personally I love him, but I always like protagonists who become the hero rather than protagonists that just happen to be the hero. If you get what I'm trying to say there. Again I preferred his personality in the books (just because we get more time with him over 6 books than 1 film), but Cera does a great job of condensing that into some great lines and expressions.

    All pale in comparison to Wallace though, obviously.

    <3 Wallace.

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